Credit cards and car rental

It is common knowledge that you almost always need a credit card to pay the deposit for your rental car. But did you know that it really must be the main driver’s personal credit card to receive the rental car on site? We will explain to you how that works.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car?

A credit card is almost always required to pay the deposit for the rental car. Please note the following points, if you have not arranged this you will not receive the rental car:

  • Check whether the main driver has a credit card in his/her name
  • Take the physical credit card with you
  • Make sure you know the PIN code
  • Leave sufficient room for the deposit

Can you pay your rental car deposit with someone else’s credit card?

No, you are not allowed to pay the deposit with someone else’s credit card. Only the main driver can do this with a credit card in his or her name. With the credit card in the name of the main driver we have an additional guarantee of the identity of the car renter. After all, you receive an object that represents considerable value. The deposit is a guarantee for us against any damage, theft, fraud or negligence.

Can I use my prepaid credit card for the rental car deposit?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. We do not accept a debit card or prepaid credit card to pay the deposit. This is because a debit card or prepaid credit card must first be charged with an amount of your choice. You can then pay with the card up to that amount. It is not possible to be in the red.
With a credit card it is possible to overdraw the card. The rental agent can also debit or refund to a credit card.

Damage charges charged to credit card

Usually damage is determined when you return the rental car and deducted from the deposit, but sometimes you will only be charged for damage to your credit card afterwards. Therefore, always keep all important documents after returning home, such as your rental contract and final settlement. Tip: take photos of the rental car before you pick it up and return it.

Costs for extras or accessories charged to credit card

When you reserve an address delivery, child seat, GPS or other extra or accessory, you pay the costs to us on site. You know in advance exactly what this costs, the amount is stated on the voucher. The costs for the booked extras or accessories are sometimes deducted from the deposit or charged separately to your credit card.