Ohhh, damage to the rental car! That’s the last thing you want during your holiday. But it can happen. After all, an accident can happen anywhere and a breakdown can happen along the way. Damage to the rental car can also occur without you being able to do anything about it.

What should you do if you have damage to the rental car?

Tip: Take photos of the damage and the situation.

Damage to third party

Is there a third party involved in the accident? Contact Mathilda Car Rental B.V. to report the damage and ask whether you need to have a CRS police report drawn up. A police report is sometimes a requirement in order to be able to declare your damage.

Do you cause damage to another car with your car, for example door to door? Even for such relatively simple damage, you sometimes need to have a CRS police report drawn up.

CRS Police report in case of damage or single-vehicle accident

In the event of damage or a single-vehicle accident, it is mandatory to have a (police) report drawn up by the police or CRS.

Existing damage to the rental car

What if you are offered a rental car when you pick it up that may already have some scratches or dents? When you receive the rental car, the employee will walk around the car to note any damage. Walk around the rental car with the employee, take a look, make sure that any damage is neatly noted on the form and check this carefully. Then there can be no disagreement after the rental period. Prevention is better than cure! Is the rental car not technically in order? Then you can of course ask for another copy.

What should you do if you have a accident with the rental car?

Of course, you would rather not have a car breakdown. Especially not during your holiday. But when it happens, help is close at hand. In this case, always contact us first for roadside assistance. Please note: do not contact roadside assistance yourself (without consultation), as you will not be reimbursed for these costs.