Reserve a rental car from Mathilda Car Rental B.V. then you know that everything has been arranged down to the last detail. You pay for your rental car in advance and you will not be faced with any surprises on site. What do you still have to pay locally? The guarantee. The amount of the deposit may differ per rental car. Usually a valid credit card in the name of the main driver, with a PIN code and sufficient spending capacity.

Why do you have to pay a deposit when picking up the rental car?

You pay for the rental car in advance and pay for any additional accessories on site. After all, you receive an object that represents considerable value. The deposit is a guarantee for us against any damage, theft, fraud or negligence.

How much is the deposit for the rental car?

You will immediately see the amount of the deposit stated for each rental car. Can not be missed!

How do I pay the deposit for the rental car?

Deposit with credit card
In most cases, a credit card in the name of the main driver is required, with a PIN code and sufficient spending capacity. We cannot emphasize it enough: the credit card cannot belong to your parents or a friend, but must really be in the name of the person who signs the rental contract as the main driver. Does the main driver not have a credit card, but a fellow traveler does? Then make sure that the traveling companion becomes the main driver. The main driver needs a credit card in his name.

When do you pay the deposit?
You pay the deposit when you pick up the rental car. The amount will be reserved on your credit card or it will be debited. Tip: there is a good chance that you will want to pay for your hotel stays, dinners, trips and other fun activities with your credit card during your holiday. So take into account the amount of the deposit and the fact that you temporarily have less spending space.

When will you get the deposit back?

If the rental period has gone smoothly and you have returned the rental car on time, the amount will be released or refunded. Has the deposit been collected? The amount will then be transferred again within 10 days. Has the amount been reserved? It can then take up to 15 days before the amount is released. Your credit card company must process the transaction, so the refunded or released amount is not always immediately visible. If the refund takes longer, it is wise to contact your credit card company.