Local rental conditions

In the General Rental Conditions we list all important information about the rental car you selected. From the amount of the deposit and the deductible, to information about the minimum age or child seats.

Where can you find the general rental conditions?

You will first find the general rental conditions on our website. While searching for the suitable rental car, you can view and compare the rental conditions. But you can also read the rental conditions during and after reserving the rental car. After making the reservation and making the payment, you will receive the voucher from us. This document also contains a summary of the rental conditions.

What do the general rental conditions say?

All important information is stated in the general rental conditions. First of all, you will find what is included in the car rental, but it also contains other important information, such as the minimum and maximum age. We also show a lot of information during the reservation process, such as the amount of the deposit and any additional costs (for example, for return outside opening hours). You will always find additional information about this in the general rental conditions. Just take a look at the general rental conditions and you will understand why it is so important to always read them carefully!