Payment method

Selected a holiday destination, booked tickets, reserved a rental car. Now just pay for your rental car! But how does that actually work at Mathilda Car Rental B.V.

When do you have to pay for the rental car?

After you have found the suitable rental car, complete the reservation. When booking online you can indicate how you want to pay. After we have confirmed the reservation, you will receive a payment request and pay the full rental amount. It is not possible to make a down payment, you pay the entire amount in one go. Please note: we must receive the amount no later than 14 days before the rental commences. This is your proof to pick up the rental car.

Pay by credit card

You can pay for your reservation with us with your credit card. After you have made the reservation, you will receive an email with the invoice and a link to our payment platform. Here you will first see a summary of your reservation. You then click through to a page where you enter your credit card details. There is often another step from your credit card company, where you must confirm the payment. For example with a code, app or fingerprint.

The amount will only be debited to your credit card once the reservation has been approved. In the meantime, the amount will appear as a reservation on your statement. You have already given permission, but we have not collected anything yet.

Must the credit card you use to pay be in the name of the main driver?

No, the credit card you use to pay us for the reservation does not have to be in the name of the main driver. This only applies to the credit card with which the deposit is paid on site, because the main driver is responsible for the rental car. But you can in principle also pay for the reservation with the credit card of, for example, your partner. As long as you bring a credit card in the driver’s name with you when picking up the rental car!

Pay by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is possible, but paying by credit card is a lot easier and, above all, safer! That is why we definitely recommend choosing these payment options instead of a bank transfer.