Tank arrangement

At Mathilda Car Rental B.V. We stand for transparency and that is why you always use a fair refueling scheme with us. You always return the rental car with the same amount of fuel as you received the car with. This way you don’t pay expensive fuel surcharges and you know exactly where you stand. And that is so nice and carefree!

What fuel arrangement do I have?

If you rent a car from Mathilda Car Rental B.V. this is always with a fair refueling arrangement: return it with the same fuel level as you picked up the car. You will also see this clearly stated in the specific conditions of the rental car. In car rental terms, this arrangement is called Full-Full, but that does not mean that you always receive the rental car with full fuel.

What does tank regulation Full-Full mean?

With the Full-Full fuel scheme, you return your rental car with the same fuel level as you picked up the car. You receive the car with a three-quarters full tank, then you return the car in the same condition. It is a bit more difficult to estimate, but Vol-Vol is the most reliable scheme and therefore also the fuel policy we work with.

Full, empty, three quarters, half full…. Where was that pointer again?
In fact, everyone who rents a car experiences this situation. Because refueling is part of it. If the tank is only half full when you pick it up, please have this stated on the contract. Then you can of course also return the car with a half-full tank. Tip: It is also useful to always take a photo of the fuel gauge before you drive away, so you can always refer to it.